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Political Strategist | Thought-Leader | Scholar-Activist | Policy Advisor | Author-Entrepreneur

Founder & CEO

"When you have a chance to sit at the decision-making table, make sure you do not forget why you are there."

The Current Mission

I help people advance their careers by providing a roadmap for successfully navigating the workforce in general; and help increase the likelihood of securing a coveted position on Capitol Hill and in the federal government.

An Interview | Public Health Epidemiology Career Podcast

I had the wonderful opportunity to share my story and career trajectory chronicling the ups and downs of the journey!


Working at the intersections of public health, social justice, and public policy.
From Chicago to Capitol Hill

Free & Inspirational Resources

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How to Become a Successful Author-Entrepreneur

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What's Your Why? | Lesson One

  • Identify 7-10 things that bring you satisfaction, trigger frustration, and come naturally to you
  • Achieve greater clarity of purpose 
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What's Your Why? | Lesson Two

  • Define and categorize networking
  • Explore how networking systems and confidence work together
  • Apply various networking techniques

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What's Your Why? | Lesson Three

  • Differentiate between a mentor and a coach
  • Identify different types of mentors
  • Implement a mentor outreach strategy
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What's Your Why? | 8 Steps to Landing a Job on Capitol Hill

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Henrietta Benefits When Henry Becomes Whole: Exploring John Henryism, COVID-19, and the Gender Mortality Gap (stand alone)

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Demanding COVID-19 Justice | Advocacy | Policy | Self-care (stand alone)

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Why Advocacy Matters and How to Influence Policy (stand alone)

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Indisputable: The Story of a Favored Son (stand alone ebook)

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20 Tips on How to Land a Job on Capitol Hill (stand alone)

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Enyia Strategies TRIFECTA Roadmap Session

TRIFECTA: Transformed | Reinvigorated | Inspired | Focused | Empowered | Confident | Transformed | Advancement
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Advancing the Opioid Epidemic Equity and Policy Case (stand alone)

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The Historical Determinants of Health (stand alone)

Trace 600 years of health in the US
Define social & structural determinants of health
Explore the health equity measurement framework 
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Challenging COVID-19 for Better Healthcare | As a Matter of Policy: Advancing the Economic Case for Eliminating Men's Health Disparities | Wellness and Healthcare Informatics International Annual Congress

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African-centered Self-care | History | Advocacy & Policy | Strategies & Tactics

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Anti-Racism Resource Guide compiled by Tasha Ryals

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Lessons 1-4 | From Purpose Discovery to Landing a Job on Capitol Hill (stand alone)

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Exploring the Origins of Racist Policies | Advancing the Social and Structural Determinants of Health Narrative

  • Review some contextual numbers
  • Define racism & explore the timeline
  • Examine the social determinants and health equity measurement framework
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Resistance Fighters: Parallels of Protest | How to Become an Author-Entrepreneur

The power to define and control the narrative is noteworthy and speaks to contemporary culture wars between oppressors and the oppressed.
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